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High quality soft synthetic grasses, to make your new lawn look beautiful all year round. Soft to touch and comfortable under foot, with a choice of average strand heights and densities to meet the requirements of both your eye and budget. The natural lawn appearance is achieved by using both straight and curled strands in natural shades, varying strand heights and thatch colours as you would see on a traditional lawn.

Key Features & Benefits


    No More

    Eliminate the need for mowing & weeding your grass forever. Once installed our Artificial Grass will save you time, money and hours of back breaking work every few weeks.


    No More Watering

    Never water your grass again. Once installed our Artificial Grass will look great all year round while saving you money on the ever rising cost of your domestic water bill.


    No More

    Forget about mopping or cleaning muddy floors. Propper installation of our Synthetic Grass eliminates mud, rut and puddles.

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    Pet & Child Friendly

    No need for pesticides or chemicals with our Synthetic Grass. Our artificial lawns are manufactured with luxuriously soft eco-safe materials making them ideal for all pets and children.   


  • Synthetic Grass for Businesses

    Synthetic grass can be used in pub gardens, outside the office grounds or even a rooftop terrace. The applications for synthetic grasses are endless while at the same time keeping your daily costs of running your business down.

  • Synthetic Grass for Schools

    Synthetic grass creates safe outdoor play areas for schools & nurseries its weather proof and extremely hardwearing while at the same time it remains green, rut and mud free all year round.

  • Synthetic Grass for Homes

    Is your lawn muddy, patchy and in need of some love and care? Are you're tired of mowing, feeding and fixing dead muddy patches in your lawn? Don't look any further. Synthetic grass lawns are weather, rut and mud proof all year round. 

  • Synthetic Grass for DIY & Trade

    Are you a handy person or perhaps an installer? We have the supplies you need. Give us a call or visit us in Shoreham by Sea to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to help.


Our Synthetic grasses have a woven water resistant Polypropylene quality backing with drainage holes, the synthetic grass fibres are bonded to the backing with a thick layer of latex, which is essential to ensure that the blades of synthetic grass remain fixed, making the product durable and provide a better long-term appearance. Our Synthetic grasses are lead & cadmium free.