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We specialise in ground protection solutions and the supply of an extensive range of ground protection mats, tiles and heavy duty load spread mesh to protect or reinforce grass areas and other surfaces.

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Our interlocking ground reinforcement grids are excellent for grass planted driveways, access roads, car parks and event surfacing. Our ground protection tiles can be utilised temporarily or permanently providing incomparable grass and ground protection that will quickly return on your investment once installed.

Our Grid Mesh Heavy Duty and Load Spread Mesh 650 is perfect for car parks or events with a range of strengths and sizes to suit all your needs. Grid & Load spread Mesh is designed to be installed quickly and can be used immediately once installed.

Used on its own or as an underlay for interlocking ground reinforcement grids. 

Key Features & Benefits

  • Protects the ground & grass roots from damage

  • Supports heavy traffic on firm ground

  • Improves traction

  • Provides secure access for vehicles and pedestrians over soft ground

  • Resists deformation and fracture

  • Rot proof, water resistant and tough

  • Easy to transport, carry, lay and store

  • Moulds to irregular surfaces and gradients


Rutted ground and muddy patches are a thing of the past once PV-Lock is installed. The tile creates a barrier between grass roots and soil that prevents direct contact when used while at the same time allowing water to flow unhindered preventing unattractive boggy areas.



  • Roadways and temporary car parks

  • Heritage sites, national parks and gardens

  • Golf courses, sports fields & leisure facilities

  • Cemeteries & overspill car parks

  • Drives, paths and cycle routes

  • SUDs compliant (Sustainable Urban Drainage System)

  • Emergency access routes




An interlocking heavy duty grid tile used for driveways and carparks where ground reinforcement and protection is required.



An interlocking safety grid tile used primarily as an underlay for playgrounds or where critical fall heights must meet specific requirements.

Load Spread Mesh 650


Load Spread Mesh 650 ground stabilising mesh is perfect for grassed areas prone to becoming muddy and rutted in wet conditions.

Grid Mesh Heavy Duty


Grid Mesh Heavy Duty grass protection mesh is a heavy duty, thick extruded thermoplastic grid for protecting and reinforcing grassed areas prone to rutting and bogging in wet conditions.