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Click Chequered 0828 Mat

£23.99 Inc VAT

910mm x 910mm x 12mm
Material: Rubber


Click Hollow 0828 Mat

£15.99 Inc VAT

910mm x 910mm x 12mm
Material: Rubber


Ramped Edge Hollow 1374 Mat

£25.99 Inc VAT

Size: 0.91m x 1.51m x 12mm thick
Material: Rubber

Ramped Edge Hollow 0946 Mat

£20.49 Inc VAT

Size: 0.795m x 1.19m x 12mm
Material: Rubber

stable rubber mat

Stable Rubber Mat (SRSM) – 17mm – 6ft X 4ft

£44.39 Inc VAT

Stable Rubber Mat (SRSM) – 12mm – 6ft X 4ft

£38.39 Inc VAT

The SRSM 17mm & SRSM 12mm mats have been specifically designed to withstand exceptional heavy loads. Primarily used around horses and livestock for stable flooring, trailer flooring, aisle ways, grooming areas, tack rooms & hay storage areas. Generally used underfoot, due to the high bearing resistance, which enables resilient wear over long periods of use. The mats are made of solid rubber mass, therefore there is nowhere for bacteria to breed, which helps in the prevention of infection.