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Impact absorbing & anti-slip! 

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Our Interlocking Tough Tiles are a popular choice for home gym conversions. Very easy to install and tough at the same time. Once installed the tiles will insulate the floor and provide a good anti-fatigue surface to work out on. Manufactured from hard wearing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) our Interlocking Tough Tiles should not be confused with cheaper quality EVA foam Mats.


Why Tough Tile?

Our Interlocking Tough Tiles are an ideal flooring solution to a dusty unattractive concrete garage or workshop floor. Manufactured in the UK using hardwearing PVC, Tough Tiles will keep your floor looking great for years to come. Designed to last, interlocking Tough Tiles create an impact absorbing, slip resistant and anti-fatigue surface that will not crack, chip or dent. Engineered with a hollowed out grid system to bridge the voids of uneven surfaces such as rippled concrete garage floors and to provide a thermal cushion between the cold concrete floor and the interlocking tile above.

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Movable & reusable •
Low life cycle costs •
Easy to install, clean and maintain •
No downtime during fitting & installation •

p-lock grey


Rated: BS EN 7188 •
Fire retardant: BFL-S1 •
Protects existing floor from damage •
Good anti-fatigue properties •

c-lock red


Durable & hard-wearing •
Not to be confused with EVA foam alternatives •
Handles non-centre point heavy loads •
Resistant to many household solvents •

c-lock yellow
p-lock blue


• Reduces dust generated by concrete floors
• Reduces damage caused by impact
• Insulates the floor, reduces damp & noise
• Accommodates many uneven or rippled floors

c-lock black


• Manufactured in the UK
• Black tiles are made from 100% recycled PVC
• Widely recyclable
• Sustainable

garage flooring uk back side of tile


• Light in weight but strong when interlocked
• Can be interlocked side by side or off-centre
• Allows water to evaporate over time
• Made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

How do they work?

The Tough Tile Interlocking Flooring System has been engineered with a wide reinforced locking system that allows the Tough Tiles to fit together like puzzle pieces. The extra surface area around the joints creates a very strong connection. This unique joint allows vehicles to drive and turn on the Tough Tiles without separating the tiles or pulling them apart. The tiles do not require any adhesives and for the most part, any floor preparation to be laid.


How do we compare?

Being suppliers and fitters of our products gives us a unique and in-depth understanding of what really goes into a professional fitting of interlocking flooring systems. We have fitted all types of interlocking tiles throughout the years and know exactly the amount of planning and problem solving that goes into a professional fitting. We have the right tools, the experience of time, and the knowledge to get the job done right.

Available In Two Designs & Five Colours

Our UK manufactured Interlocking Garage & Workshop Floor Tiles are available in two different surface designs, Raised Diamond or Raised Disk. Both designs are fully interchangeable to suit your requirements.

Ramped Edges For Garage & Entrance Doors

Interlocking garage floor ramped edges are available in both Raised Diamond & Raised Disk finishes.

Some Of Our Work

Technical Details

Raised Diamond Tile


Size: 495mm Wide X 495mm Long X 14mm Thick
Interlocked Size: 470mm X 470mm
Squared Interlocked Size (4 Tiles): 0.9m²
Tile Weight: 1.8kg / Tile - 7.2kg / 0.9m²
Reaction to Fire Classification: BFL – S1
Slip Resistance: BS EN 7188

Raised Disk Tile


Size: 495mm Wide X 495mm Long X 12mm Thick
Interlocked Size: 470mm X 470mm
Squared Interlocked Size (4 Tiles): 0.9m²
Tile Weight: 1.8kg / Tile - 7.2kg / 0.9m²
Reaction to Fire Classification: BFL – S1

Ramp Edges


Female Ramp
Size: 495mm x 60mm
Weight: 0.175kg


Male Ramp
Size: 495mm x 85mm
Weight: 0.220kg

How Much Will It Cost?

Few Examples

Of Garage Sizes & Costs

2.4m x 4.9m (8f x 16f)

Small Single Garage

66 Interlocking Black Tough Garage Floor Tiles
5 Interlocking Tough Ramp Edges
Supplied price for DIY installation:
£239.89 + VAT
A guide price for our professional installation:
£75 to £100 + VAT

2.7m x 5.5m (9f x 18f)

Medium Single Garage

72 Interlocking Black Tough Garage Floor Tiles
6 Interlocking Tough Ramp Edges
Supplied price for DIY Installation:
£262.74 + VAT
A guide price for our professional installation:
£82 to £120 + VAT

3m x 6.1m (10f x 20f)

Large Single Garage

91 Interlocking Black Tough Garage Floor Tiles
7 Interlocking Tough Ramp Edges
Supplied price for DIY installation:
£330.96 + VAT
A guide price for our professional installation:
£104 to £140 + VAT

Installed pricing is based on average installation times and local installation. The price will depend on the garage floor quality and the number of columns in the garage. Although unlikely we may advise that the floor be screaded and self-leveled depending on its condition. To receive a free and bespoke quote please contact us directly.

Garage Floor Tough Tile Calculator

Enter The Garage Dimensions Below

Interlocking Garage & Workshop Installation Service

  • interlockg_garage_tile_installation_23

    Factory Cut Every Time

    Our 26" Guillotine makes quick work of tough PVC tiles to create an appealing & seamless factory cut finish. We also have the equipment to ease hand cuts around pillars or posts while at the same time making sure the correct expansion gap is applied wall to wall.

  • Professional & Friendly Service

    Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. When you contact us you will be dealing with our dedicated, professional & friendly staff.

  • interlockg_garage_tile_installation_13

    Correct Floor Centering

    We make sure the interlocking tiles are centered in the garage to provide the best aesthetics and also to use the least amount of tiles for the job.

  • 20170531_131541

    Base Floor Inspection

    Our interlocking tiles are designed with a grid like pattern to accommodate minor imperfections in the floor. However, in some instances the concrete floor needs to be repaired and made smooth. This is something we check for when providing you with a quote.

  • Fully Insured Installation Service

    All our installations are carried out by our own fitters from start to finish. We take the utmost care to ensure we leave your premises the way we found them but with a hardwearing new floor.

  • tapemeasure

    Accurate Quotes

    The quote that we provide you with is fixed. Our calculation is based on a complete total of tiles and ramps required to do the job plus our discounted installation cost. As a guide a medium sized garage (9ft by 18ft) should take us around 4 hours to complete, and on average cost under £450 including installation and VAT .

  • rubber-mallet

    DIY Installations

    If you prefer to buy the loose product from us and do the installation yourself we will provide you with us much assistance as we can. Please contact us for details.

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