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Driveway Block Paving



Driveline Metro is an innovative, linear paving that brings a distinctive contemporary look. With a lightly-textured surface finish, which has been 'washed' to expose the premium aggregates, Metro is available in four complementary colours.

The four colours; Dark Grey, Light Grey, Maroon and Rose can be laid individually or in a number of attractive combinations. Easy to lay on a standard driveway sub base, Driveline Metro gives a clean, modern linear look without the need for a full mortar bed.

  • Available in four blend-able colours
  • Large block size enables faster coverage
  • Innovative, contemporary driveway option


Well known for quality and durability, Driveline 50 will keep its great looks for years to come. The stunning vibrant colours and great value combine so well with Marshalls Paving, Walling and Kerbs for an all round traditional look.

Driveline 50 has an improved texture and finish. Available in a wide range of rich colours, which are consistent right through the block, Driveline 50 Block Paving can be blended together to create new patterns and designs with many other types of paving.

  • Choice of 7 colours – see specification
  • Available in classic 200x100 format
  • Circle feature available
  • Improved texture and finish
  • Lower carbon footprint than ever before


Driveline Nova utilises Surface Performance Technology, meaning you can be confident that you are selecting a superior driveway product. The innovative mixed colour across each block provides a unique finish, ensuring an impressive driveway project. Available in two colours, Pebble Grey and Brindle, Driveline Nova creates a contemporary finish which will complement all house types.



Drivesett Argent is an attractive, more affordable alternative to Granite Setts with a lower carbon footprint.
A radiant Buff colour has also been added to the range.

Available in three contemporary colours, the mixed size packs contain the correct proportion of sizes for less wastage. The different sizes look great laid in random courses, adding an individual look to your property.

  • Choice of 3 colours: Light Grey, Dark Grey and Graphite
  • Mixed size packs include: 80 x 160, 160 x 160 and 240 x 160mm
  • 50mm Thickness
  • Other Argent products include permeable paving, paving, walling, palisades, a circle kit and a water feature


Create a unique and prestigious driveway with Drivesett Coppice. The innovative blend of colours provides a beautiful aesthetic, which will co-ordinate with most house types, the riven surface and aged edge detail make this an ideal choice for a traditional project. Covered by Marshalls new Surface Performance Technology, this means that you can be confident that you are selecting a superior driveway product.

  • The mixed colour blend on the blocks creates the illusion of a mix of sizes
  • A combination of blended, natural colour tones.
  • A lightly riven surface finish and aged edge detail. 
  • One, reputable size for ease of installation.
  • Three different colour blends to suit a range of projects. 
  • Surface Performance Technology


With Drivesett Deco you can re-create Victorian style paving to give your path a stylish and traditional look. The Drivesett Deco blocks are very versatile; the small block size makes a wonderful complete pathway or the perfect edging feature. Available in four classic Drivesett colours, Drivesett Deco provide a classic path to suit any property style.

  • Re-create a Victorian Style Paving or a classic path with Drivesett Deco 
  • The blocks are very versatile and suit any property type
  • Drivesett Deco can be used for both pathways and edging


Drivesett Natrale obtains the effect of a split natural stone surface texture for a fraction of the cost.

With 3 block sizes and warm colours, great random designs and incredibly durable driveways can easily be created. A wide variety of faces and three block sizes, means uniformity can be broken up to create an individual bespoke look. Available in three vibrant colour blends, Drivesett Natrale is a cost effective, yet attractive driveway solution.

  • Choice of 3 colours Bronze, Sand and Slate
  • Split stone effect
  • 3 sizes available 120 x 160, 160 x 160, 240 x 160 and 320 x 240mm
  • 50mm thicknes


Drivesett Tegula Original is the original and most popular ‘aged look’ block paving in the UK, renowned for its lasting high quality look. The variety of sizes and rich colour blends can be used to create a truly individual look.

Available in five colours and five different sizes to ensure quicker coverage and maximum impact. Adding larger size blocks into Drivesett Tegula Original designs can break up uniformity and add visual interest.

Drivesett Tegula Original also has a permeable equivalent; Drivesett Tegula Priora in three of the popular colours.

  • Choice of 5 colours Traditional, Harvest, Pennant Grey, Hazelnut and Autumn
  • Distressed, aged finish
  • 5 sizes available 120 x 160, 160 x 160, 240 x 160, 240 x 240 or 320 x 240mm
  • 50mm Thickness
  • Other Drivesett Tegula products include a circle feature, an octant feature, walling and kerb
  • Now available in Project Packs designed to be used on their own. Those wishing to add more blocks or features should use Drivesett Tegula Original single sizes to ensure colour match.


Drivesett® Savanna® block paving delivers a great value and hardwearing driveway product.

The quality, smooth blocks can also be used to construct paths, patios or as an edge detail. The versatile sized block allow for a number of laying patterns to suit your property.

Available in three sizes and three ever popular colours; Autumn, Traditional and Pennant Grey, Drivesett Savanna will enhance most house types.

  • The smooth surface texture of the Drivesett Savanna blocks ensures a crisp clean driveway look to suit most house types.
  • The three block sizes and colour options give a wide variety of choice. 
  • The range is designed by Marshalls, renowned for durability and quality products, ensuring your driveway will look great for years to come.


Standard Block Paving is now better than ever. With a new and improved colour, it guarantees durability at a more affordable cost.

Suitable for driveways, paths or patios, Marshalls Standard Block Paving will complement the majority of house types with its wide range of colours available.

  • Durability at an affordable cost.
  • Suitable for driveways, paths or patios.
  • Wide range of colours to complement the majority of house types.
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