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Hygienic, comfortable, self draining safety matting


The ultimate sports and leisure matting system for use in wet areas where barefoot traffic is extensive. Exceptionally warm and comfortable to stand on, with a specially embossed slip resistant surface that contains SteriTouch additives to prevent fungal and microbial growth.

Made from strong, non-porous PVC sections with channelled under-bars, even the largest amounts of water will
automatically self-drain.

Ideal for shower areas, swimming pools, saunas and Jacuzzis.

Key Features & Benefits

"A permanent and effective barefoot wet area solution that is hygienic, UV resistant and easy to clean and maintain whether used indoors or outdoors."


  • UV resistant

  • Effective inside or out

  • Barefoot comfort & safety

  • Loose lay open grid vinyl construction

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal additives

  • Certified slip resistance DIN 51097 Classification C

  • Excellent hygiene

  • Quick to install

  • Fire resistant


  • Embossed surface

  • Two layer construction and channelled underbars

  • Made from flexible PVC

  • Loose lay open grid vinyl construction

  • Supplied in 10 meter rolls

  • Usable, indoors or outdoors

  • Certified EN 13501: CFl - S1

  • Easy to cut and clean, contours to uneven surfaces

  • Designed with a 4-way drainage system



All around safety, comfort and hygiene...

  • Around swimming pools

  • Shower rooms

  • Sauna & jacuzzi areas

  • Locker rooms

  • Walkways

  • Treatment areas

  • Anywhere bare feet and water come into play.


Height: 10.5mm (13/32”)
Length: 10M (33’)
Width Options: 50cm (1’8”) / 100cm (3’3”) / 122cm (4’)

Acoustic: Excellent sound absorption properties
Composition: Flexible DINP plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
Environment: Composition does not use substances currently included in SVCH. PVC grid products are 100% recyclable.
Fire resistance: EN13501-1 : 2007 - Cfl - S1

Non-porous 100% Virgin PVC - Inhibits the growth of bacteria.
BPR (EU Biocidal Products Regulation 528/2012): Contains Biocidal Products for improved performance.

Anti-bacterial SteriTouch additive: Test JIS Z 2801:2000 - Determination of the antibacterial effect against:
Staphylococcus Aureus: Result - Antimicrobial pass of >99%
E. Coli: Result - Antimicrobial pass of >99.99%

Anti-fungal SteriTouch additive: Test ASTM G21-09 - Determining resistance to fungi:
Result - Nil Growth after 4 weeks.

Reversion: Functional @ -230C + 600C. Thermoplastic shrinkage can result in size reduction up to 2%. Accelerated in hot environments.

Slip resistance:
ASTM F 1677 (Dry/Wet): (0.6/0.6)
DIN 51097: Classification C

UV light: Resistant to PVC degradation: uncoloured PVC material - BS EN 607 = Delta E 1.02

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